Consulting Center

Career and training in our company

Consulting Center pays major attention to professional growth, as well as to obtaining knowledge and skills that can only be acquired by working daily in valuation and legal services markets.

We value ideas of every member of the team, encourange initiative and innovative approaches to tasks. We provide our employees with environment that helps them to advance professionally, personally and in their careers.

Our requirements to candidates vary depending on the chosen area, but the basic requirements are same for everybody: professionalism, motivation, sense of purpose, initiative, responsibility, enthusiasm, communications skills.

Consulting Center provides the following means of raising qualification and forming the team:

  • Recruitment of students for legal practice. During this period students are given opportunity to have a close look at our company, and try themselves in various areas of our activities. This should help them decide their future professional dedication and area of practice.
  • Probation of near-graduate students, for them to intensively train and acquire some basic skills.
  • High interest in hiring young responsible and active people, who are ready to grow professionally, treat their job consciously and improve their foreign languages skills.

If you want to apply, please send you CV to