Consulting Center

Valuation of Equipment

One of the valuation services provided by Consulting Center is valuation of equipment, which includes all kinds of movable property objects: lathes, devices, production lines, power-generating sets, office equipment, furniture, household appliances and other movable property objects.

This service is pretty popular because expert validation of equipment cost is often the only way to determine real cost of active company assets.

Number of techniques is employed in valuation of equipment, i.e. utilization of specialized databases containing price information, technical characteristics, operational guides, production manuals, marketing and economical data. Valuation of equipment is based on vast number of economical parameters, various expenses, percentages, coefficients and other indices.

From our experience in valuation of equipment we know just how important appraiser’s specialization in the particular object area is. This is why our experts possess not only general financial, economic and valuation skills, but also necessary engineering knowledge about machines, equipment, production and operation rules in the concerned area.

Our experience in valuation of equipment was helpful to our many clients:

  • National Circus of Ukraine
  • Book chamber of Ukraine named after Ivan Fedorov
  • Kiev Bread Factory #2, PLC
  • Kiev Rubber and Latex Factory, PLC
  • Siemens Ukraine
  • Porsche Ukraine, LLC
  • Danfoss, LLC
  • Euro-Prokat Plant, LLC
  • Mega Polygraph, LLC
  • Elaio, LLC
  • Ukrainian Papir, LLC
  • Prushinski, LLC
  • Interpolimerpak. LLC
  • Euromash, LLC
  • Euro Pack Ukraine, LLC
  • Arnika-2, SPC etc.

Consulting Center experts who perform valuation of equipment and machinery are experienced in all areas and branches of industry. They are highly professional and thus valuate equipment accurately and objectively.