Consulting Center

Review of Valuation

Nowadays reviews of valuation reports gain in importance, because the competency of valuation experts, used methodology, procedures, and the valuation conclusion and result itself are subject to thorough valuation.

Consulting Center offers review services in following areas of property and property rights valuation:

  • Expert valuation of real estate and valuation of land plots
  • Valuation of equipment and machinery
  • Valuation of vehicles
  • Valuation of aircrafts
  • Valuation of vessels
  • Valuation of goods in circulation, excluding objects that can be considered machinery, equipment, vehicles, aircrafts, vessels, and objects of cultural importance
  • Business valuation, securities valuation, property rights and intangible assets, including intellectual property rights
  • Valuation of intellectual property rights

Consulting Center experts possess many years of practical experience in reports review. The service is provided upon written request. The client will receive written review that has full legal power.

The cost of review services depends on the valuation object and completion terms and is negotiated for every unique case.