Consulting Center

Investment and Foreign-Economic Activities

Consulting Center has considerable experience of participation in domestic and international projects related to direct investments in Ukraine and abroad, from development of investment project to the sale of an object to investors.

Our experts offer a variety of consulting services in areas of telecommunications, trade and distribution, manufacture, real estate, construction, industry. They cooperate with consultants, agencies, stock traders, and other market players.

Legal support of investment activities:

  • Consultations about investments in Ukraine and abroad, observance of currency exchange regulation, return of investments and debts acquired during investment activities
  • Support of registration of foreign investments in state structures
  • Licensing of investments abroad and other currency transactions
  • Licensing of property investments abroad
  • Representation of clients' interests at National Bank of Ukraine, Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine

Legal support of foreign-economic activities:

  • Consultations about foreign-economic activities in Ukraine, currency exchange regulation, international payments
  • Making and legal expertise of foreign-economic contracts for import and export operations
  • Making of arbitration clauses
  • Defense of clients' rights at international arbitration court under Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine
  • Management of affairs related to fulfillment of foreign court decisions in Ukraine