Consulting Center

Valuation of Business

One of the main areas of Consulting Centers activity is business valuation in all branches of industry. Business valuation helps to increase management efficiency, business transparency, and attractiveness for investors; optimize taxation, obtain a credit. Increase of investors' trust is of keen necessity for many companies, especially in current circumstances, when domestic companies tend to integrate with international markets and migrate to international financial reporting standards.

Business valuation is required in following cases:

  • Purchase or sale of a company
  • Company restruction (reorganization)
  • Company dissolution or bankruptcy
  • Company takeover or merging
  • Obtaining a credit
  • Insurance operations
  • Attracting investments
  • Incorporating
  • Contribution to capital stock

Business valuation goals can be categorized based on company type:

Subject of valuation Valuation goals
Enterprise as legal person Ensuring economic safety
Development of business evolution plans
Issue of shares
Valuation of management efficiency
Proprietor Selection of property ownership type
Making up merge and split balance in case of company reorganization
Giving proof to purchase or sale price of a company or a share
Establishment of organized company dissolution gain
Credit institutions Verification of debtors financial capacity
Establishment of loan on mortgage amount
Insurance companies Establishment of insurance fee amount
Estimation of payout
Investors Verification of economic reasonability of investments
Estimation of maximum possible company purchase price in order to add it to investment project
State structures Preparation of institution for privatization (development and implementation of complex measures)
Establishment of gain from forced dissolution (via bankruptcy procedure)
Valuation for court needs

In the process of business valuation Consulting Center experts will estimate cost of all of your companys assets, including real estate, land plots, machinery and equipment, vehicles, storage, financial investments and profit, development possibilities and competitiveness of your enterprise.

We are ready to provide whole spectrum of business valuation services that will allow you to define your companys market value according to domestic and international standards.