Consulting Center

Valuation of Securities

One of the most popular services provided by Consulting Center is valuation of market value of securities. This can be explained by trend in domestic business to integrate with world economy. Stock floatation at international stock exchange is an effective tool for attracting investments.

The aim of stock floatation is to attract funds to develop and implement new projects, to restructure and document debt, to eliminate budget deficiency.

For investors, stock is an instrument for income acquisition, company’s financial activities planning and insurance against interest rate decrease.

The market value can be defined for following securities:

  • share securities
  • equities
  • preferred stocks
  • debt securities
  • bonds
  • bills of exchange
  • derivative securities
  • options
  • futures contract
  • investment certificates

The main factors that influence market value of these securities are:

  • liquidity of a given paper holding
  • demand-offer ratio of similar paper holdings on the market
  • rate of similar paper holdings
  • either yield or current value of anticipate income
  • issuer characteristics (location, industry, financial rates)
  • reliability of paper holding, risk of default of obligations

Our experience in valuation of securities:

  • Raiffeisen Zentralbank Osterreich, PLC
  • SEB Bankas
  • ING Bank Ukraine
  • SEB Asset Management Ukraine, LLC
  • Ukrainian Innovation Bank, JSC

Consulting Center experts possess many years’ experience in valuation of all mentioned securities, taking into account all factors that affect their market value. We do our job with high professionalism and guarantee you quality services.