Consulting Center

Corporate Law, Merging and Takeover

One of Consulting Centers prioritized lines of activity is effective and timely defense of rights and interests of corporate relationships participants that are related to opening, management and termination of economical activity subjects.

Our experts possess large amount of experience in restructuring various kinds of businesses. We have implemented projects that included withdrawal of ancillary assets from the company, creation of mergers to implement joint projects of a company group, alienation of non-liquid assets. We have participated in negotiations with creditors and banks in order to reclaim companies paying capacity, defer and restructure credit debt, terminate unprofitable enterprises, attract additional financial sources, incorporate ownership rights.

Consulting Centers services in corporate law:

  • Consultations about selection of optimal legal form for businesses in Ukraine
  • Preparation of required founding documents and companys internal deeds
  • Registration of companies in state structures of Ukraine, including representation of foreign companies
  • Acquirement of all licenses required for business operation in Ukraine
  • Conduction of legal auditing of companies
  • Carrying on joint ventures business
  • Legal support of deals related to purchase of corporate rights in Ukraine and abroad
  • Conduction of companies reorganization and businesses restructuring
  • Resolution of corporate disputes, including representation in court
  • Termination and renewal of paying capacity