Consulting Center

Valuation of Vehicles

As a result of valuation of vehicles, you receive a conclusion about cost of your vehicle.

Vehicles are objects that are used to transport freight, products and passengers, along with containers and other transport equipment. To valuate cost of these objects, we take into account their operating conditions, year of production and total mileage (running time.)

Consulting Center experts perform fast and professional valuation of the following objects:

  • Automobiles and various motor transport (cars, trucks, buses, cycles, trailers)
  • Railroad transport, coaches, tanks, locomotives
  • Sea ships, river vessels, water transport
  • Aircrafts, planes

Consulting Center also valuates damage to cars and other vehicles.

Our competitive advantages are minimal delivery terms, moderate prices and high quality of the service. Our appraisers are highly qualified, possess large amount of practical experience and all necessary technical knowledge. Therefore valuation results are guaranteed to be completely accurate and objective.