Consulting Center


It often happens so that businesses require an express valuation to estimate the approximate cost of an object in order to make important and responsible decision. Here at Consulting Center we have developed a routine practice of express valuations based on description and technical documentation of an object provided by the client.

Express valuation is performed within a very tight schedule. Minimal term of express valuation is only one hour, and such valuation costs 70% less than regular valuation service. The more complex an object is the longer express valuation will be performed by Consulting Center experts.

After the express valuation is completed, an expert conclusion is formed and communicated to client by means of email or fax. The client may choose to pick the conclusion personally at our office.

Please remember, the cost of your property estimated in express valuation is not precise! To obtain precise cost of the property and an official valuation report with legal power you would have to order regular valuation service.