Consulting Center

Construction Projects, Real Estate and Land Tenure

Consulting Center has supported construction of commercial, private and production real estate, including malls and office buildings, hotels, gas stations, storages and logistic complexes.

Our experts consult clients during all stages of construction process, from allotment of land to start of exploitation and alienation of real estate object.

Our services in construction, real estate and land tenure:

  • Legal support of land allotation, change of land target usage
  • Acquisition of required permission documents
  • Preparation of construction work contracts
  • Start of exploitation of construction objects
  • Registration of property rights on real estate objects
  • Auditing of real estate objects
  • Purchase, sale, rent, mortgage of real estate objects
  • Creation of joint ventures in order to construct real estate objects
  • Consultations of legal bodies and real persons, foreign citizens, and companies on immovable property and construction questions
  • Representation of interests in state structures
  • Defense of clients' interests in court when selling investment and construction projects