Consulting Center

Training of Appraisers

As appraiser, you can undergo a study course in Consulting Center in the following areas of property and property rights valuation:

  • Expert valuation of real estate and valuation of land plots
  • Valuation of equipment and machinery
  • Valuation of vehicles
  • Valuation of aircrafts
  • Valuation of vessels
  • Valuation of goods in circulation, excluding objects that can be considered machinery, equipment, vehicles, aircrafts, vessels, and objects of cultural importance
  • Business valuation, securities valuation, property rights and intangible assets, including intellectual property rights
  • Valuation of intellectual property rights

Training instructors have many years’ experience in valuation of property and property rights, as well as in teaching activities. Training lasts for one year. Trainee and instructor together develop a plan and a schedule for the training. In the course of training trainee appraiser:

  • Participates in writing no less than two reports in areas of valuation that the training course was based on
  • Deepens his knowledge of legal documents related to property valuation
  • Develops practical skills of using methodological approaches for property valuation etc.

After the training course is over, instructors provides trainee with sealed recommendation signed by the instructor. Trainee also receives training plan, schedule, plan completion report, and copies of the property valuation reports in which the trainee took part.